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Windows Weekly 306: Blacklisted

Windows Weekly 306: Blacklisted

The one where we talk about Outlook RT and Office on iPad rumors

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss new rumors and information about Windows 8.1 "Blue," how well Windows 8 is really doing in the market, new details about Outlook for Windows RT, an update about Office on iPad, and the Windows Live Messenger phase out.

Running time: 1:39:12

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Tip of the week: It's time to say goodbye to Windows Live Messenger and migrate to Skype

I'm looking at you, Mary Jo. :)

MJF: You're going to pry Trillian out of my cold dead hands

Software pick of the week:

I love (which Microsoft confusingly calls Outlook) and now that the Calendar experience is updated, you have no excuse: Upgrade today. Check out my Tips for more information.

Plus: Netflix for Windows Phone updated for Windows Phone 8, three resolutions 

Enterprise pick of the week: Exchange Server 2013 CU1

Upgraders and those wanting to run older versions side by side, rejoice 

Codename pick of the week: DAL

You've heard of HAL. Expect to hear more about DAL (datacenter abstraction layer) in 2013, I predict. H/t Jeffrey Snover. Wonder if we'll hear more about this next week at MMS in vegas? 

Beer pick of the week: Ommegang Beer of Thrones Iron Throne

A Belgian pale fit for a beer-tasting queen:

Plus: You heard it here first: for Windows Phone hits the store Friday April 5 -- tomorrow. (I've been testing the beta.)

Audible pick of the week: The Fog

The Fog by James Herbert, narrated by Alex Jennnings

Mr. Herbert just passed away: Sometimes regarded as the "British Stephen King," he's written some fascinating horror titles (and other types of books, like King), many of which recall early King in their directness. The Fog is perhaps the best (The Rats is the other contender, I'm told.) Note: This one is abridged but given the shortness of the original and the reviews its likely just the right length.

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