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Windows Weekly 281: Et tu Elop

I was traveling again this week, but Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and Travis Lowdermilk discussed the Windows Phone 8 launch announcement, whether Microsoft will make its own Windows Phone handsets, why the Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive in the US, big doings coming on October 26, and TypeScript, Microsoft's new version of JavaScript.

Travis Lowdermilk is co-host of the Windows Developer Show podcast!

Running time: 1:41:27

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Tip of the week: Windows 8 Search, Share features

Maybe talk about the search and share features a little more extensively?  I'm sure Paul's covered this, many  times. But I wanted to educate those people that still don't understand how it's going to work.  Talk about the fact that when you search for a movie, for instance, you can get results FROM your apps.  That's something that iOS and OSX don't do.  It's a point that's not made enough and has interesting implications for how we view "apps" on a platform.

We're seeing more and more developers take advantage of these charms within the Win8 SDK. 

Software pick of the week: Bringcast for Windows Phone, social podcast listening

Bringcast for Windows Phone.  Podcasting subscription app.  Offers various social features, etc. Think Leo would love the idea of showcasing an app that makes it easy and fun to subscribe to podcasts. 

Enterprise pick of the week: Hadoop for Windows Server

It's alive -- after all. And it's in private preview

Codename pick of the week: Strada

TypeScript has a mysterious codename. Chatroom: Any clues? Bonus second codename: Cool 

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