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Windows Weekly 277: Hobbits

Microsoft’s Bradley Borrows joins us from New Zealand to discuss Paul’s trip and TechEd NZ appearance, some hands-on time with a Windows RT tablet and the world’s biggest multi-touch display, Mary Jo’s experiences at the Nokia Windows Phone 8 event in New York, Microsoft’s launch of Windows Server 2012, Bing’s new taste test experiment, and more!

Running time: 1:36:50 

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Tip of the week: Make Xbox Music and Xbox Video work properly in Windows 8

How to focus on your content, not Microsoft's, and some thoughts about correctly tagging music and videos.

Tip of the week #2: March Russinovich's "Zero Day" sequel is out

Mark Russinovich's second novel, "Trojan Horse," is now available. It's a sequel to "Zero Day" and a sort of modern computer thriller with accurate information about technology and computer security.

Enterprise pick of the week: Hyper-V Server 2012

The standalone virtualization server from MS is now shipping. Here's when it might make sense for enterprise users. (Meanwhile: Don't forget to tune into TWiET on Monday -- it's going to be a mad, mad Microsoft show!)

Rumor of the week: Bye, bye Win Live

There's been a bit of a reorg in the Windows division, tipsters say. The team formerly known as Windows Live has a new name (and possibly two)

Audible pick of the week: It by Stephen King

Stephen King's other magnum opus, It, clocks in at 45 hours (!) on Audible. 

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