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Windows Weekly 272: Big Boy Outlook

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, I join Leo Laporte and Mary Jo Foley from Rouen, France to discuss the Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacturing) and related events, a recap of what's next,, Microsoft's Metro-fied Hotmail upgrade, Microsoft's new Windows 8 keyboards and mice, the Windows Phone 8 SDK leak, and Microsoft's annual 10-K SEC filing.

Running time: 2:06:06

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Software pick of the week:

Microsoft's replacement for Hotmail is a winner. I was happy switching from Gmail to Hotmail. But with, it's a no brainer, and the integration with Microsoft services--Office Web Apps, SkyDrive, Skype, and more--puts it over the top for anyone using Windows.

Tip of the week: Switch to the smart way

I'm going to be posting a tip for each day for at least the next week. I'm in contact with Microsoft about switching/porting/migrating issues, so sit tight.

Enterprise pick of the week: Project Online

There's a new member of the Office 365 family in test and coming with the Office 15 wave.

Rumor of the week: Metro is a banned word in Redmond

Why is Microsoft's favorite design language being deemphasized? Or is it?

Audible pick of the week: Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez

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