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Windows Weekly 268: Paul Gets Served

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, and I discuss the $40 Windows 8 upgrade, HP's decision to skip Windows RT for now, how Microsoft could and should speed up the development of Windows now, the new Windows Server 2012 SKU lineup and the cancellation of Windows Home Server, Vanity Fair's "downfall of Microsoft" story and why it's ridiculous, and Microsoft's massive $6 billion aQuantive write-off.

Running time: 1:46:47

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Tip of the week: Use SkyDrive for PC-to-PC replication

With Live Mesh on the way out, it's time to simplify your PC-to-PC sync capabilities and switch to the SkyDrive (Beta) application this year. There are some trade-offs, but nothing insurmountable. Plus, a bonus tip: Use in conjunction with File History on Windows 8 and you get centralized replication of your cloud-based files too!

Software pick of the week: MetroTwit for Windows 8

My favorite Twitter application for Windows makes a nice transition to the Metro environment.

Enterprise pick of the week: WWPC 2012 in Toronto next week 

Codename pick of the week: One from the vault -- Vail

The most likely last and final version of Windows Home Server. Part of the "Colorado" family of MS codenames (Aurora, Breckenridge, etc.)

Audible pick of the week: Night Shift by Stephen King

The often-excellent short stories from Night Shift are broken out into three separate audiobooks: The Lawnmower Man and Other Stories From Night Shift, Graveyard Shift and Other Stories From Night Shift, and Gray Matter and Other Stories From Night Shift.

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