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Windows Weekly 262: The Dumbening

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo Laporte and I discuss Steve Ballmer's widely misquoted comment about 500 million Windows 8 users, a number of Windows 8 features leaking ahead of the Release Preview, post-Release Preview changes coming to Windows 8 down the pike, the Windows 8 developer story, Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion, the future of the PC, and rethinking the Xbox 360 as a living room solution.

Running time: 2:01:32

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Tip of the week: Get beautiful new wallpaper for Windows Phone (or any other phone)

Microsoft Offers Official Wallpapers For Windows Phone

Tip of the week #2: Use IE's site pinning feature with multiple home pages

A cool tip for organizing like-minded IE windows.

Software pick of the week: Facebook 2.5 for Windows Phone

The latest version of the Facebook app for Windows Phone adds threaded messaging, better tagging, Wall management, comments "likes", and more.

Software pick of the week #2: The Walking Dead Episode 1 for Xbox 360

The Walking Dead Episode 1 for Xbox 360 is just $5. But make sure you know what you're getting into. This isn't hack and slash.

Book tip: The Future Was Here by Jimmy Maher

The Future Was Here is an absolutely amazing history of the technologies in the Amiga.

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