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Windows Weekly 248: We Just Don't Know

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Mary Jo Foley, Leo Laporte, and I discuss lingering questions in the wake of Microsoft's WOA revelations, why tech analysts, pundits, and enthusiasts are so often in the dark about Microsoft's plans these days, more Windows 8 news, some Windows Phone "Tango" leaks and rumors, and Office 2010 University Edition.

Running time: 1:11:25

Download SD Video | SD Video (mobile) | Audio


Tip of the week: Use OneNote with the web
OneNote has always been a great note-taking solution, but in OneNote 2010 you can use cloud-based notebooks only, which is exactly what I'm doing. All your notes, accessible any time, and, thanks to new mobile OS support, from any device: Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Software pick of the week: Facebook 2.3 for Windows Phone
The latest version of Facebook for Windows Phone brings this important mobile client up to date with the FB web changes. And it looks great.

Enterprise pick of the week: Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD)
The equivalent of AD in Win Server is going to be big for those looking for true single sign-on across MS cloud and on-prem products.

Codename pick of the week: Geneva
From our "blast from the past files" -- the ADFS and associated identity codenames in the Geneva family

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