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Windows Weekly 245: Microsoft Will Disappoint Millions

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly, Iyaz Akhtar, Mary Jo and I discuss whether Windows 8 is feedback driven, a confirmation that the Windows 8 Beta is being renamed to Consumer Preview, Windows 8 sensor fusion, the death of MIX, Windows Phone Tango is not for the US, Windows Phone Apollo questions, Nokia Lumia 900 will be very low-priced, and Linux on Windows Azure.

Running time: 1:14:43

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Tip of the week: Restoring a Time Machine backup that's stored on Windows Home Server
Andrew Perrin has a post that should help anyone combining Macs with WHS.

Tip of the week #2: Get a free Android app every day on offers a paid Android app for free every single day on its Android AppStore.

Software pick of the week: Crashplan (and CrashPlan Pro) for Windows Phone
Crashplan for Windows Phone lets you download, view and share files being backed up to Crashplan Central right from Windows Phone!

Enterprise pick of the week: Security Compliance Manager 2.5  
The new beta is available for download.  This is a tool for configuring and managing  your computers, traditional data center, and private cloud using Group Policy and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Codename pick of the week: Atlanta
System Center Advisor launched today (1/26)

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