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Windows Weekly 242: Refreshing and Resetting

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly, Leo, Mary Jo and I discuss tech resolutions for 2012, key Microsoft shows of 2012, Ultrabooks as the big story of 2012, Windows 8's PC Reset, PC Refresh, and Storage Spaces features, tons of Windows Phone news and rumors, Linux coming to Microsoft's cloud, and the death of IE 6.

Running time: 1:48:40

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Tip of the week: Clean up your social networking permissions with
A new web site offers a one-stop shop for viewing and configuring your privacy across multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google-, LinkedIn, and more! It's not a central dashboard, just links to the appropriate pages on each service's site. But admit it, you don't look at this stuff enough.

Software pick of the week update: Bend
Bend, the Metro-style text editor, is back! Thanks to Andrew King for the tip.

Software pick of the week: Pure Text
Pure Text lets you copy from the Windows Clipboard as text, as God intended. Thanks to Matt Whitlock, the Editor for, who wrote it after a Windows Weekly rant. :)

Enterprise pick of the week: System Center 2012 
Get ready for a barrel of system management fun! Jan. 17 webcast coming up, probably to announce RTM and new strategy.

CES Rumors of the week:  Microsoft edition
MJF and PT make their predictions about Ballmer and Nokia anncts next week

Audible pick of the week: Bag of Bones by Stephen King, narrated by Stephen King
Recently made into a terrible TV mini-series, but is a great book. Well, at least for the first half: In this way, it's vintage, unedited, 90's King, devolving into a long-winded spirit world ending. But there's some great stuff in there about the process of writing--the main character is clearly modeled after King himself, making this a very introspective book--relationships, and dealing with loss. Oh, and ghosts. I complained about it the whole time, but I kept talking about it with my wife. So it must be great.

Get Bag of Bones at Audible (audio) or in Paperback and Kindle eBook versions.

Audiobooks at!

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