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Windows Weekly 228: The Train Dance

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo, Mary Jo and I are joined by special guest Microsoft senior director of Windows Phone Apps Brandon Watson and discuss this week's release of Windows Phone 7.5, the truth about the infamous Microsoft employee meeting, Xbox Live TV details emerge, Zune Pass news, Samsung and Microsoft cross-license patents, Amazon shakes up the tablet market with its Kindle Fire, and Gears of War 3.

Running time: 1:50:10

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Tip of the week: New features for Office Web Apps on Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft this week added a few new features to the Office Web Apps on SkyDrive. You can now print directly from the Excel Web App; display ink content in the OneNote Web App; merge and auto-fit cells in the Excel Web App; and use right click menus in the Excel Web App.


Software pick of the week: Magical Jellybean Key Finder

There are various utilities you can use to find which Windows product key is associated with a particular PC. One I've used in the past is Magical Jellybean Key Finder.  A reader question from Francis Young.


Enterprise pick of the week: SQL Azure Service Release 2

(out in early Sept.) had some interesting new features. An under-the-radar update to MS' cloud database


Codename pick of the week: Tiger

(one more time): Microsoft Research is helping the Bing team do some heavy duty indexing

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