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Windows Weekly 225: I Can't Wait For All This To Be Over

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo, Mary Jo and I discuss Carol Bartz's firing from Yahoo, a bunch of pre-BUILD Windows 8 updates, several Windows Phone stories, Windows Intune 2, and a new Twitter and Bing linkup.

Running time: 1:20:39

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Tip of the week: Reclaim Disk Space with Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a handy tool in Windows 7 that can free up space on your disk(s) if you're running low, which is suddenly a need again now in this age of SSDs. But it's especially useful for the post-SP1 upgrade, when Microsoft dumps GBs of unneeded files on the disk in case you need to restore to pre-SP1 (which almost never happens). The SP1 upgrade files are under the item called "System Files". To find Disk Cleanup, use Start Menu Search and type "disk clean" (no quotes). It will ask you to select a disk (generally will be C: but try it on other drives too, if present).


Thanks to David Sherman for the tip.


Software pick of the week: Home Server Status v2 for Windows Home Server 2011

Microsoft provides Connector software for PCs on a Windows Home Server network, and while it provides some information about the server, it's not very detailed. Jerry Wade's Home Server Status 2.x fixes this problem, with access to server tasks (Backup, Remote Web Access, Shared Folders, Dashboard, Server Settings, and RDC; optionally password protected), and flyover server status (backup completion, etc.). You can try it for free, but its $6.95 if you decide to buy; well worth it if you use WHS 2011. Download latest version.


Also, for Windows Phone: Microsoft highlights eight great new apps for Windows Phone, made by students. There's some amazing stuff in there, including a facial recognition app for taking pictures of yourself and a ring tones app.


Enterprise pick of the week:  Dynamics AX 2012

The virtual launch is tomorrow (September 8). Will Steve Ballmer plank? And more importantly, will ERP customers bite on the latest high-end MS ERP product?


Codename pick of the week: Monaco

(It's all about IPTV, Xbox and IPTV)

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