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Windows Weekly 223: Shave Theme For Sharing

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo, Mary Jo and I discuss Paul's visit to Petaluma, an anniversary for Windows 95 and Windows XP, how HP killed webOS and mortally wounded its PC business through miscommunication, Microsoft's bid for webOS developers, a plan for Amazon, Windows Phone Mango and Tango news, Skype's purchase of GroupMe, and some Windows 8 tidbits ahead of BUILD.

Running time: 1:30:31

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Tip of the week: Manage how Windows Live/Bing uses your personal information. The completely hidden and non-discoverable Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard provides a lot of information about you, your Bing search data, your interests (!!!  Me: Computer sciences and programming, laptops and handheld computers, software, and sports and outdoors), and more (including links to account management for Windows Live, MSN, profile, Xbox, and Zune. Best bit: You can opt out of information collection in "My Choices": Click Allowed button to change to Not Allowed. Thanks to Russell Eby for the tip. 
Tip of the week #2: Great new themes for Windows 7. I finally convince my photographer friend Kerry to release some of her photos as Windows 7 wallpapers/themes. 
Enterprise pick of the week:  Forefront Identity Manager 2012. Microsoft released the next version of its FIM product to testers in early August. Some had thought the Forefront enterprise security/identity family was on its way out. Guess not 
Codename pick of the week:  Chicago (in honor of Win 95's birthday) 
Audible pick of the week: The Return to the Little Kingdom: Steve Jobs, The Creation of Apple and How it Changed the World by Michael Moritz, narrated by Kevin Pariseau - You can trace the lineage of every single Apple/Jobs bio back to this classic, which has been re-released in recent years and is absolutely fantastic. And... The Second Coming of Steve Jobs  by Alan Deutschman, narrated by Charles Stransky - Arguably the best book (so far) about Steve Jobs' "third act" returning to Apple (It covers acts 1 and 2 as well). Certainly better than "iCon" which turns into a lovefest at the end.

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