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Windows Weekly 217: A Baby Named Bing

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo and I are joined by special guest Mary Jo Foley and discuss a ton of news from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2011, including a Windows 7 sales milestone, Windows Intune 2 Beta, MDOP 2011 R2, Windows Phone 7, Windows Server 8, new Microsoft retail stores, more server stuff, Kinect and Xbox, and more, a Netflix price hike, Mac OS X Lion, and Amazon tablet rumors.

Running time: 1:36:23

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Picks and tips

Windows Weekly tip of the week: Try Windows Intune 2. It's free through the end of the year, works on up to ten PCs, and is a surprisingly awesome PC management solution.

Windows 7 app pick: Social Connector for Microsoft Outlook. Yes, I hate Outlook. But I know that millions of people rely on it, and since I've been testing various Exchange-based email accounts, I've been using it lately. And if you use Outlook, you should take a look at the Social Connector, which lets you plug into Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live Messenger, and Viadeo from a single UI.

Windows Phone 7 app pick: Beards & Beaks. An actual, in-house game developed by Microsoft (most Microsoft Game Studios games are actually made elsewhere). Garden gnome fun for $2.99.

Windows Phone 7 app pick #2: NYTimes for WP7. Official Windows Phone app for The New York Times.

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