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Windows Weekly 212: You're Just Wrong Leo

In the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, Leo and I and special guest Aaron Hillegass discuss Windows 8 contentiously and then make up, WWDC 2010 and Apple's platform advances, Joe's B. correct assertion that Apple is copying Windows Phone with iOS 5 features, IDC's revised smart phone growth projections, E3 news including new Xbox 360 and Kinect games, Microsoft fan defacement of an Apple Store, and the US Supreme Court ruling against Microsoft.

Thanks to Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch!

Running time: 1:58:39

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Picks and tips

Windows Weekly tip of the week: Get a Windows Phone for your Xbox LIVE avatard (US only)

Windows 7 app pick: for IE 9 - Completely HTML 5-based, works great full-screen. I had previously recommended the beta, but this one is more complete, no longer requires AIR or Flash, and looks awesome in IE 9. Thanks to Karl Kramer for the tip.

Windows Phone 7 app pick: geoDefense - $2.99 Another great iPhone game port and part of this month's steady series of tier-1 game releases for Windows Phone.

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