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What The Tech 99: Wishlists and Predictions For 2012

This week on What The Tech: Andrew and Paul run down their wishlist and predictions for 2012. First up is Andrew and his wishlist for the new year which include better internet and TV integration, USB 3.0 devices, a major iPad competitor, and convertible tablet/laptops. Paul wishes for a 7 inch iPad or iPod Touch, Windows Phone will become third most popular smartphone, Microsoft to get ARM based versions of Windows 8 right, Xbox Live Gold to be discontinued, and the death of physical media. Among the predictions Andrew thinks Windows 8 may not be released next summer, a major revamp of iOS hardware and software, and ultrabooks may not live up to the hype. Paul predicts that Apple will merge iOS and Mac OS X, Research In Motion will collapse, the iPad will fall from being the top tablet, and 3D will disappear. Will any of these wishlist items or predictions come true? Andrew and Paul discuss it all in the year end special of What The Tech.

Running time: 1:49:05

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