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Other Podcasts

Other Podcasts

I sometimes appear on other (non-Windows Weekly) podcasts. Here's the archive.

What The Tech Episode 50: Paul Thurrott Interview - I appeared on this week's episode of the What The Tech podcast with Tom Davis and Andrew Zarian, and discussed Windows Phone 7, Media Streaming in the home, Apple Event perspectives, thoughts on the upcoming Phone Marketplace interface, Legacy architecture, and why Microsoft is still the most powerful force in the IT world. Audio

Home Theater Geeks 32: IPTV Comes of Age - I appeared on the Home Theater Geeks podcast with Scott Wilkinson to discuss the changing face of TV and movie delivery. Audio | Video (High) | Video (Low)

Poor Dad Tech Podcast #1 - I join Larry Behrens in the innaugural episode of the PoorDadTech.Com podcast, where we discuss my smart phone plans for 2010, AT&T's new tiered pricing offerings, and what Microsoft needs to do to break into the consumer electronics market.


This Week In Google 40: Palm Lives - I join Leo, Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani to discuss HP buying Palm, Facebook privacy concerns, Microsoft's cloud computing efforts, Microsoft Office vs. Google Docs, Microsoft's patent suits against Android vendors, and much more...

The Home Server Show 85 - I appeared on the The Home Server Show this week to discuss my own Windows Home Server usage and my thoughts on WHS add-ins.

TWiT 223: Burst & Decollate - I join Leo, Jerry Pournelle and Dwight Silverman to discuss Black Friday, price wars between Amazon and Wal-Mart, Windows 7 surpassing OS X market share, Psystar Mac clones, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and more...

Connected Show #16: Paul Thurrott on Windows Server 2008 R2 - In this episode, guest Paul Thurrott joins us to discuss Windows Server 2008 R2 and Virtualization. Also Peter and Dmitry discuss the news about, a new open source software foundation created by Microsoft!

TWiT 167: More TWiT Than You Require - I join Leo, Rafael Rivera, and Ed Bott to discuss PDC 2008.

TWiT 139: 4-TWiTty - Three years of TWiT, a solar-powered ice maker, 4/20, Pystar Mac clones, Vista a work in progress, eBay and Skype, Works SE, Leo's trip to Australia.

James Woodcock Podcast #15 - Paul Thurrott on Windows Vista - James and I discuss the pros and cons of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows Vista, with a focus on consumer-oriented issues.

Microsoft Open Source Strategies (registration required) - A discussion between Paul Thurrott and Sam Ramji, director of the open source software lab at Microsoft centering around Microsoft's focus on open-source technical strategies.

TWiT 72: Ready Clench - Vista ship dates, Windows Genuine disadvantage, and why Google will never buy YouTube.


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