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Live, From TWiT Studios

I published some photos last week from the TWiT Studios grand opening party last week. We happened to be in the Bay Area at the time as part of a 10 day California vacation that also included some time in the Los Angeles area. We're finally flying home tomorrow morning, but I was downloading the pictures from the camera and came across a photo my wife shot last Wednesday, when I recorded Windows Weekly with Leo live from the TWiT Studios. (Mary Jo was in New York, via Skype.) It's kind of a nice picture, but the bonus here is that's Steve Gibson standing in the doorway. I was lucky enough to run into him before we started recording, and it was neat to just hang out with the guy for a little while.


Anyway, life returns to normal Wednesday. Expect a lot more action on the site, especially around Windows 8, in the days ahead. See you on the other coast...
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