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Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP Overview

On October 19, 2004, Microsoft announced that it was bundling two previous products, Plus! for Windows XP and Plus! Digital Media Edition for Windows XP, into a single package that is being sold as Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP. This product doesn't include any new features or updates, nor does it integrate the two previous Plus! packs in any way. However, for those who haven't purchased either product yet, it does provide them at a steep discount: Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP is available for just $29.95 from various online stores and retailers. That's less than the price of just Plus! for Windows XP when it was first released.

2001: Plus! for XP

My review

Like its predecessors, Plus! XP is designed for consumers that wish to get the most out of the new OS. But this time around, Plus! XP dispenses with the sort of dry system utilities that populated past Plus! packs and goes right for the entertainment jugular: All of its features are entertainment related, with a heavy emphasis on digital media features, games, and UI customizations.


2002/3: Plus! Digital Media

My review and the 2003 update

Microsoft bills Plus! Digital Media Edition (Plus! DME) as the ultimate photo, music, and movie enhancement pack for its best-selling XP operating system. Plus! DME is a far stronger effort than Plus! XP, with fewer filler-type features. And with an incredible price of only $20, Plus! DME is almost a no-brainer for digital media enthusiasts.


2004: Plus! SuperPack


Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP combines the features from Plus! Digital Media Edition and Plus! for Windows XP. Among other tools, Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP includes the amazing Plus! Photo Story 2, over 10 screensavers and themes, 50 additional transitions and effects for Windows Movie Maker 2, and several games.


Given its low-ball pricing, Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP is a no-brainer for anyone who's interesting in extending the digital media functionality in Windows XP. Most of the Plus! for Windows XP features are dated and uninteresting, but there are a few gems, and Plus! Digital Media Edition is Microsoft's best Plus! pack yet. If you haven't picked up either one of these products yet, now's your chance.

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