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Picnik Evolves

I somehow missed this one a few weeks ago, but I did just get an email from Picnic about this interesting change, so here goes:

Picnik began life with one purpose: Bring photo editing awesomeness to everyone. We’ve approached this in three distinct ways: First, make it available to everyone, everywhere. Second, make it a joy to use. Third, make it cheap. Today, we’re unveiling significant changes to improve the Picnik experience in all three respects — and it’s all thanks to the feedback, support, and crazed fandom we’ve received from all of you.

Now all Picnik users will have full access to our huge range of edit tools, special effects, fonts and shapes that previously were only available as Premium features. Free users will have this largess supported by ads.

Picnik Photo HistoryFor a 100% ad-free experience and exclusive access to new Advanced editing tools, brand-new infinite Photo History, professional fonts from FontShop, Fullscreen mode, early access to new features, special partner offers, priority support, and much more to come, sign up for Picnik Premium for only $24.95 USD a year.

Picnik was the Windows Weekly software pick of the week for Episode 49.

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