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Office XP Launch Event

Office XP Launch Event: Photo and Video Gallery
May 31, 2001 - New York City

Photo Gallery
Photos by Keith Furman The Office XP Launch Event was held at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

Shots of the stage, as seen from our vantage point in the first row.

More stage footage, pre-show.

Microsoft chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates takes the stage.

Gates describes 2001 as a big year for Microsoft, with the releases of Office XP, Windows XP, and the first generation of .NET.

Gates, from the front of the auditorium.

A graphic demonstration of the amount of paper that's wasted in New York in just one day. CEO Jeff Bezos joins Gates on stage.

Gates presents the retired Clippy with an Office XP t-shirt.

Bezos hamming it up with the press photographers after the event ends. We were seated next to Bezos.

Press photographers do their thing.

Video Gallery
Recorded by Paul Thurrott
Clippy interrupts the Bill Gates introduction (623 KB)
Bill Gates takes the stage (997 KB)
Bill Gates introduces Office XP (1.4 MB)

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