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Quick Tip: How To Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

Quick Tip: How To Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

Last week we gave you a look into the user interface of the Microsoft Teams desktop app for Windows 10.

This week we are going to do a series of Quick Tips to show you how to build your first team in Microsoft Teams and how to use some of the channel related features of the service.

Once your Office 365 Administrator has enabled Microsoft Teams for your organizations Office 365 Business or Enterprise subscription you can begin creating teams for various groups in your company.

If you are running and logging into the Microsoft Teams app/website for the first time a wizard will help you setup the first team. When you add additional teams you will use the process laid out in these screenshots.

To get started open up the Microsoft Teams app/website and log in with your Office 365 credentials.

Microsoft Teams

In the lower left of the screen you will see the link labeled Create team.

Microsoft Teams

In the popup dialog box give your team a unique name and add a description that clearly indicates the teams goal/purpose.

Microsoft Teams

The next dialog box will be for adding team members. Type in their name and any matches will pop up for you to select from. Once selected click/tap the Add button. Once all team members are added just click/tap Close to wrap up that process.

Microsoft Teams

Your team is now created and if your click/tap in the teams General channel you will have some shortcuts to the next tasks you can work on to continue building out your teams site.

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