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OneNote 1.3 for iOS ... Now with iPad Version, Too


I've begged and begged and today, finally, we get a peek at what I think is going to be an important future for Microsoft: Today, Microsoft released OneNote 1.3 for iOS, an update to the excellent iPhone app. But this isn't any old update. It's also accompanied, for the first time, by a native version for the iPad as well.

"Since the launch of OneNote for iPhone nearly a year ago, a recurring request from our customers has been for a version that can be used more easily on the iPad's larger screen," Microsoft's Michael C. Oldenburg writes in the OneNote Blog. "We're happy to announce that today's new release of OneNote for iOS devices includes a version that's tailored for the iPad."

Note that there are separate versions of OneNote 1.3 for the iPhone and iPad. So be sure to grab the iPad version if you're using Apple's luxury tablet.

As with the original iPhone version of the app, Microsoft is positioning OneNote for iPad as a "companion" to the full (i.e. "PC") version of OneNote and not as a standalone solution. Version 1.3 includes a number of new features, such as:

- Support for iPad and iPad 2
- Localization into several new languages and markets
- Tabbed user interface
- Quick note creation in the Unfiled Notes section
- Table rendering
- Improved Windows Live sign-in experience
- Option to sync notebooks only over a Wi-Fi connection
- Integrated upgrade option

OneNote 1.3 works with your SkyDrive-based notebooks--which is how I use the application--so you can sync notes easily across PCs, Windows Phones, iOS devices, and, using OneNote Web App, the cloud. There is one catch with the iPad version of the app however. It's not necessarily free.

That is, OneNote for iOS will be free for most users. But if you use it a lot--with over 500 notes--you'll need to pay up. And that cost is $4.99 for unlimited use on the iPhone and $14.99 for unlimited use on the iPad. But even those who hit this limit and decide not to pay can continue to view, sync, and delete any existing notes. You just won't be able to edit notes or create new notes on the iPhone or iPad.

Sounds fair.

I've been using Evernote a lot lately so I'm curious to see how or if OneNote 1.3 for iOS changes things. I'll find out.

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