Office 365 joins IFTTT to automate routine tasks

Office 365 joins IFTTT to automate routine tasks

IFTTT, If This Then That, is a web based service that allows you to trigger certain actions to occur based on something happening in another product's service.

I have been using IFTTT for quite a while to help share the various tech links I send out over my Twitter account (@WinObs).  When I use Feedly to mark a story from my RSS feeds it then gets pushed to my Buffer account which releases one linked tweet every 15 minutes.  Before IFTTT I used to share links in huge bunches of tweets and that was not very efficient for myself or followers.

IFTTT is now the location for the Office 365 team to help you take care of some of those routine tasks in four new channels on the service:

With these channels now available on IFTTT you can create your own recipes to use them along with other services that are on IFTTT but the Office 365 team has also created 30  published recipes for you to begin with as a starting point.

Here are some examples of what is possible:

If you have never checked out IFTTT this is a great time to poke around - especially if you have an Office 365 subscription.

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