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Office 2013 Feature Focus: Resume Reading

Works with: Word, PowerPoint

Word and PowerPoint 2013 include a cool new bookmarking feature called Resume Reading that remembers your last editing position so that you can pick up where you left off the next time you open the document or presentation.

Resume Reading is automatic, and it works identically in both Word and PowerPoint. When you return to a document or presentation you were previously editing, you’ll see a pop-up next to the scrollbar (on the right, generally, but if Word opens in editing mode, it will be on the bottom).

Resume Reading in Word 2013 (Reading Mode)

Resume Reading in PowerPoint 2013

Simply click the pop-up to navigate to the bookmarked, last-edited portion of the document or presentation.

One additional nicety: This feature will work across PCs and tablets if you’re signing in with a Microsoft account: This is one of the Office 2013 settings that syncs via SkyDrive.

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