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Microsoft Office 2007 RTM Screenshot Gallery

Monday morning at 9:00 EST, Microsoft announced that its long-awaited Office 2007 System was complete, setting the stage for a late November 2006 business rollout of the products and a wider consumer launch in January. Microsoft is touting Office 2007, in tandem with upcoming products such as Windows Vista and Exchange Server 2007, as the linchpin of a new round in corporate spending.

"We've crossed the development finish line, and the team deserves to celebrate," says Microsoft president Jeff Raikes , who oversees the company's Business Division. "The 2007 Microsoft Office system RTM completes the most significant improvements to the products in more than a decade. It's rewarding to be able to send this release off to our customers and help them take the next big leap forward in productivity."

Microsoft had previously announced its Office Technology Guarantee program, which allows customers who purchase new PC with Office 2003 preloaded between October 26, 2006 and March 15, 2007 to receive free or inexpensive upgrades to similar Office 2007 product versions. Details about these so-called cross-grades are available through PC makers.

These screenshots depict the Trial version of the final shipping version of Office 2007 Enterprise. The first part of my Microsoft Office 2007 System review will be available shortly.

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