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Another Office Web Apps Update for SkyDrive

Microsoft today announced some more functional updates for its Office Web Apps running on Windows live SkyDrive. Office Web Apps, as you may recall, are the free, web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint that were released alongside Office 2010 last year. Since that release, Microsoft has updated the OWA a few times, including in May 2011, when it added new capabilities to Excel Web App and PowerPoint Web App.

This week's update includes the following changes:

OneNote Web App Ink display. The OneNote Web App now displays handwritten notes from Tablet PC users.

Merge and Autofit cells in Excel Web App. The Excel Web App now offers enhanced cell formatting, including the ability to merge cells and to automatically fit cell sizes based on the content the cells contain (AutoFit).

Print directly from Excel Web App. A top request, it's now possible to print directly from the Excel Web App in the browser.

Right-click menus in Excel Web App. You can now right-click on cells in the Excel Web App to Cut, Copy, Paste, and work with hyperlinks, as you can in the Excel application for Windows.

Other improvements. Additionally, today's update includes a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements that make the Web Apps faster and more reliable, Microsoft says.

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