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5 Cool SharePoint Apps Under 5 Dollars

Like SharePoint itself, the Microsoft SharePoint app store continues to grow. You can expect to see start-up SharePoint vendors offering apps, vying to get a piece of the cloud action.

But many on-premises vendors are jumping in as well. Some have had to re-jigger and update their own financial models and payment systems to be able to sell apps in the store, and you can find some potentially nice free apps that they're offering as they get their toes wet.

And in case you're wondering, here's how to buy an app from the public Microsoft SharePoint app store.

Are there any apps that might become runaway hits? Only time, and your end-users' obsessions, will tell.

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If you're feeling a yearning to create apps for SharePoint, the Microsoft web page "Start building apps for Office and SharePoint" offers food for thought.

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