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Office 14: Why has no one noticed this stuff?

I received an interesting IM from Andrew W. this morning who pointed me at some screenshots from Office 14 that came out a while ago. Why, he asked, has some of the info portrayed by these shots not gotten more attention? It's a good question.

Here's a typical shot as an example:

So. What do we see here?

Office Anytime Upgrade. Office, like Windows 7, will apparently support an in-place electronic upgrade to higher-end product versions. Makes sense.

Create Mobile Office Device. You'll be able to do something to take Office with you on a USB memory device. For some reason.

Word/Excel Consumer. In addition to "normal" versions of Word and Excel, Office 14 will include "consumer" versions. Is this Home and Student? Or something different?

Office Mondo. Is that a codename for Office Ultimate or whatever? As with 7, does this mean that Office SKUs will be true supersets of each other? If so, the presence of Word Consumer and Excel Consumer alongside the "normal" versions in Office Mondo might actually make sense.

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