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Notebook computer market share, Q1 2008

Digitimes has an interesting report about the first quarter 2008 notebook computer market share:

DisplaySearch has revealed its quarterly notebook PC shipment and forecast report which stated that 31 million units were shipped in the first quarter of 2008, noting that the notebook PC market shrank 6% on quarter, but increased 35% on year during the period. HP remained in the lead for seven consecutive quarters with a shipment around two million units over number two Dell in the first quarter of 2008.

HP's market share was over 20% for six consecutive quarter, according to DisplaySearch, which noted that Dell's market share grew to 15% due to the company's focus on its retail sales and business in China.

The most popular panel size and resolution was still 15.4-inch with a resolution of 1280×800, which accounted for almost 50% of all notebook PCs shipped in the quarter, while the 14.1-inch segment with a 1280×800 resolution trailed behind with a 22% share.

Here's the market share chart:


So much for the "Apple owns the notebook market" baloney. They were in 8th place for four consecutive quarters, but "surged" to 7th place this past quarter, according to the article. That's quite a surge, too: Apple is beating out 8th place Asus by just 100,000 units. Asus, by the way, had even bigger year-over-year growth than did Apple. Huh.

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