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New Zune Insider podcast

Microsoft's Cesar Menendez and Rob Greenlee have started a new Zune podcast that might be of interest. New episodes every Thursday, they say, and apparently there will be a video version coming as well.

Podcasting guru Rob Greenlee and I will be producing a weekly audio and video podcast, where we’ll cover everything Zune: software, devices, cool content in marketplace, accessories, events and more. Have a listen to the first episode by subscribing in Zune Marketplace, or you can just download the MP3 from here.

Here is the direct RSS feed link:

And of course, here's the deeplink to Zune Marketplace:

If you have ideas for topics to cover, or people to talk to, whether in the blog or in the podcast, drop a comment!

Cesar is the guy behind the original Zune blog, Zune Insider, btw.

This is interesting timing for the podcast, in my opinion: The Zune typically goes through months of silence between updates, so this seems like a great idea for filling in the holes. I hope it turn into something useful and positive for what is a promising but curiously lacking digital media platform. I've been using the Zune a lot lately as part of a "going all in" experiment which I'll detail later. I like the Zune a lot, but man does it need a lot of work, both in small ways (fit and finish, curiously missing features) and large (audio book support, movie rentals, better devices, etc.).

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