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Real-World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System



Real-World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System

I was looking forward to reading this book, and thankfully, author Stephen Fraser didn t let me down. He starts off with a bang in his introduction, commenting that the one feature all Content Management Systems (CMSs) have in common is that they are all overpriced. I couldn t agree more. With this book, Fraser attempts to prove this claim by providing readers with the knowledge of building a CMS from the ground up using the Microsoft .NET Framework. So not only do readers finish the book with a fully functional CMS, they also benefit from the experience with a real-world working knowledge of .NET in action.


Fraser covers everything from CMS workflow to content conversion and personalization. Although anyone can download and use the complete CMS from Apress Web site, only those who have spent the time and money to read this book will fully appreciate the author s work. The final CMS certainly doesn t match the capabilities of commercial systems for example, there were no chapters dedicated to interoperating content workflow with rich client applications such as Microsoft Word but the system does provide users with a platform to build additional .NET richness into the system. Perhaps Fraser can continue to evolve the system into the PHPNuke of the .NET world.


Mike Riley


Real-World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System, by Stephen R.G. Fraser, Apress,



ISBN: 1590590244

Cover Price: US$49.95

(552 pages)



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