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Developer Express Announces Visual Studio.NET Updates

Developer Express Announces Visual Studio.NET Updates

Developer Express announced all shipping products for Visual Studio.NET have been updated to provide native support for .NET v2 and Visual Studio 2005. Registered users are entitled to free update and may obtain the appropriate products by logging onto their accounts at If you require assistance or need additional information about these updates, contact Developer Express at mailto:[email protected].


The following product updates are available for download:

  • XtraGrid Suite Version 3.2
  • XtraEditors Library Version 3.2
  • XtraBars Suite Version 3.7
  • XtraPivotGrid Suite Version 1.2
  • XtraScheduler Suite Version 1.1
  • XtraReports Suite Version 1.12
  • XtraTreeList Suite Version 1.11
  • XtraVerticalGrid Suite Version 1.6
  • XtraNavBar Version 2.7
  • XtraPrinting Library Version 1.12
  • eXpress Persistent Objects Version 1.6.4180
  • CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET Version 1.1.39
  • Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio .NET Version 1.0.26
  • ASPxGrid and Editors Library Version 2.5.0


Note: Because the XtraGrid Suite v3 was released during the Whidbey beta, Developer Express will also update in the next few weeks the previous version of the XtraGrid Suite v2 to support Visual Studio 2005.

 Please take a few minutes to read the What s New file associated with each product. These are available from the What s New link next to the version number on the product detail page in


Developer Express

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