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Debugging ASP.NET



Debugging ASP.NET

Debugging ASP.NET is a valuable addition to any ASP.NET developer s bookshelf. The book covers ASP.NET in great detail. The examples are code-agnostic, and most include sample code for both VB .NET and C#, making it clear that the basic principles of debugging are the same regardless of programming language or application framework.


This is a book that aims squarely at intermediate developers. They will benefit most from the discussions in this book. Many of the topics will already be familiar to experienced developers, though they should find the ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET specifics helpful. Beginning developers, on the other hand, will probably find the material difficult.


Debugging ASP.NET provides added value with an interesting discussion on caching (not exactly a debugging topic). It also points out some pitfalls to beware of with advanced ASP.NET topics, such as implementing HTTP handlers, working with COM+ components, and so on.


Once you have mastered the basics by working your way through one of the many books on ASP.NET programming, I suggest Debugging ASP.NET as your next purchase. It provides excellent advice on debugging ASP.NET applications.


Glenn E. Mitchell II, Ph.D.


Debugging ASP.NET by Jonathan Goodyear, Brian Peek, and Brad Fox, New Riders,



ISBN: 0-7357-1141-0

Cover Price: US$34.99

(350 pages)



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