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More Windows 7 themes, and an amazing list of free stuff from Microsoft

Matt L. just sent over a couple of links I should share with everyone. Some amazing stuff.

First up is a nice (if IP-irresponsible) collection of Windows 7 Themes, many of which are Mac OS X-based:

Windows 7 Themes

These themes for Windows 7 are free for personal use. Don’t bother on trying them with Vista or XP because they just wont work. All the wallpapers used in the themes are credit to their respective authors, but the work done in putting up these themes together is all mine. I’m all open to requests for themes of particular types.

More impressive, however, is this crazy blog with a list of all the free stuff Microsoft puts out:

The Road to Know Where

Just scan down the page and also be sure to check out his Lists section. Nuts.

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