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Xbox 360 Demand will Outstrip Supply

With the understanding that this shouldn't surprise anyone, Microsoft admitted last week that initial Xbox 360 demand will far outstrip the supply of the game consoles that the company will be able to make, especially during the crucial holiday selling season. What this means to you, hopeful Xbox 360 purchaser, is that you're going to have to be either really, really lucky or willing to spend big bucks to get an Xbox 360 by the end of the year. Two possibilities loom if you consider the latter of those two prerequisites. The first is to go the eBay route, where Xbox 360s are already for sale for more than $1000 each (the device will retail for $299). Second, you can try to preorder an Xbox 360 bundle that includes the console plus several games and add-ons for $700 to $900. Either way, you're going to pay top dollar for the latest in gaming entertainment. Start flexing that credit card

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