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Windows Phone Book: Internet Explorer Chapter is Complete

Windows Phone Book: Internet Explorer Chapter is Complete

That was quick

Well. That was quicker than even I expected: I had a couple of extra hours to kill today, so I used them finish the first draft of Chapter 11, Internet Explorer.

This third update to the Internet Explorer chapter fills out the following sections

  • (Short) introduction
  • Tour of IE Mobile
  • Share information from web pages
  • Watch a YouTube video

I also moved some stuff around (like the Save a picture from a web page section) and added a few more bits here and there (like the web keyboard and progress bar info in the navigation section).

As always the word “complete” has quotes around it; this is never really complete. But I think it’s in a pretty good place and will be moving on to other chapters.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Internet Explorer 0.3

Download Windows Phone Book 0.026

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