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The Waterfield Gear Pouch

If you’ve been reading my reviews for very long you know how much of a fan I am of Waterfield bags. Waterfield is based in San Francisco (hence, @SFBags is their Twitter handle). My home office is in Emeryville which is just across the bay. I’ve threatened to visit the Waterfield offices on one of my trips out there, but it hasn’t happened yet. I was there recently, but only long enough for a few meetings and couple runs on the Bay Bridge Trail, one of which I used to test the AfterShokz TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones.

This review is actually much later than I anticipated bringing it, but really wanted to still give my take on the Waterfield Gear Pouch.

The Gear Pouch is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a small-ish bag that holds stuff. While it comes in three different sizes, I opted for the large since I had a specific need in mind. When I travel, I like to keep my accessories (cables, cords, chargers, headphones, etc.) organized in a way so they are easily accessible. In the past, I’d do this by organizing these miscellaneous sundries in a series of Ziploc bags. Eventually, I graduated to a pocketed bag, but it was overkill and compared to my favorite bag of all time (which also happens to be from Waterfield), the Vitesse Messenger bag, it was lacking. Plus, the fit and finish made me look like a stylish boor.

Enter the Waterfield Gear Pouch. Just like every bag Waterfield manufactures, the quality is amazing from the construction to the material. I chose the Brown to match my Vitesse, but it also comes in Black Ballistic, Burgundy, and Navy.

As shown in the slideshow above, the Gear Pouch has a primary center pocket, four, smaller inner pockets, and another zippered pocket on the front. This configuration has been more than adequate, allowing me to stuff all my extra tech junk into a single bag that rests comfortably inside the Vitesse.

The prices vary according to the sizes:

  • Small: $39
  • Medium: $45
  • Large: $49

Check it out on the Waterfield site: Gear Pouch

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