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PalmONE Preps Tungsten X

First we had Windows XP and Mac OS X using the coolness of the letter "X," which suggests some sort of extreme lifestyle, according to marketers. Then it was the Xbox, Microsoft's suddenly resurgent video game system. Next up to seize the X brand is PalmONE, the hardware makers behind such PDA and smart phone hits as the Treo and the Palm Tungsten T3. PalmONE's next PDA will allegedly be called the Tungsten X and will feature a 4GB micro hard disk, similar to the units found in the Apple iPod mini, a 416MHz processor, a 320 x 480 screen, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless. I'm starting to get the feeling that PDAs are on the way out, given the fascinating nature of smart phone development these days, but maybe the Tungsten X can help Palm-based PDAs go out with a bang. Heck, it worked for Jason Voorhees in Jason X, right

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