Notes on Band Gets an Update After a Long Drought

Notes on Band Gets an Update After a Long Drought

When the original Microsoft Band was released, developers went nuts for a while, providing stacks and stacks of new apps designed to work directly with the Band ecosystem across the various platforms. But, in the last year or so, new apps and app updates dropped off severely.

I don’t count this as renewed vigor, but the author of Notes on Band kicked off the dust bunnies and provided an update just a while ago.

Notes on Band does exactly what it says. It allows you to create notes on your smartphone and then sync them to your Microsoft Band to be constantly viewable there. It’s a great function that allows you to carry things on your wrist that you need to remember like an address, a phone number, or even the name of the girl you are dating whose first name sounds like a female body part but you can’t remember it (sorry – Seinfeld reference). You get the gist.

Notes on Band is for Windows Phone/Mobile users only and can be found here: Notes on Band

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