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Audible App for Windows Phone 7.5 Update

Based on the feedback I get on Twitter and via email, people are absolutely pining for the forthcoming release of the Audible app for Windows Phone 7.5. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that it will happen this week, as rumors had indicated. But work on the Audible app has continued since my first peek in Windows Phone 7.5: Audible App Pre-Release Screenshots, and as you can see in the accompanying shots of the most recently available build, the app is pretty full-featured.

Is it getting close to release? I think it’s ready now, but my sources tell me there’s no indication that release is happening anytime soon. As is so often the case with Windows Phone, this can’t happen quickly enough. And while I don’t think the release of an Audible app is going to trigger a mass influx of new Windows Phone users, it will certainly remove one of the obvious bullet point items for not adopting this platform.

So, once again, all I can do is show you what it looks like, tell you I’ve been using it, and wonder aloud why they aren’t just releasing this thing. It looks great to me.

But judge for yourself. (Be sure to use the popout control in the lower right of this screenshot gallery to see the images in a larger size.)

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