Remote Control Product - 14 Sep 2004

For Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, its first-ever Readers' Choice entry proved auspicious, as GoToMyPC captured the Best Remote Control Product award with 29 percent of the vote. GoToMyPC includes a "broker" service, which runs on a host PC that has an open Internet connection. A remote user logs on to the host via the GoToMyPC Web site. The host broker service runs in the background awaiting a connection request and, when it receives a request, prompts the connecting user for a password. The host PC's desktop then appears on the remote user's screen in a resizable window. GoToMyPC provides features such as guest invite (grants another user temporary access to a GoToMyPC-enabled PC), file transfer, chat, and remote printing. The product works with existing firewalls and doesn't require special configuration. GoToMyPC is available in three versions: the single-user GoToMyPC; GoToMyPC Pro, which supports multiple users and provides basic management and reporting features; and GoToMyPC Corporate, which has expanded administrative and security features for multiuser business environments.

Citrix Online
805-690-6400 or 888-259-3826
2nd Place — Desktop Authority
3rd Place — Unicenter Remote Control
Computer Associates
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