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Q. How can I import my Windows Media Player (WMP) playlists into iTunes?

A. I've had a few people ask me about this. WMP and iTunes use different formats to store playlists, but both support the industry-standard M3U format that originated in WinAmp. Therefore, my approach is to:

  1. Launch WMP.
  2. Open the Playlists section and double-click the playlist you want to export. The Now Playing area will display the playlist's contents.
  3. Press the Alt key to view the File menu and select Save Now Playing list as…

    Click to expand.

  4. Select M3U Playlist (*.m3u) as the save type and enter a name.
  5. Exit Windows Media Player and launch iTunes. (If you try to run both at the same time, they'll start calling each other names and fighting.)
  6. In iTunes, select File, Library, Import Playlist.

  7. Select the M3U file you created and it will be imported. All the songs in the playlist will be added to your iTunes library.

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