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PDA/Cell Phone/Smart Phone

PDA/Cell Phone/Smart Phone. HP's iPAQ Pocket PC beat the Dell Axim and Research In Motion's (RIM's) BlackBerry as the most popular handheld device. The iPAQ slipped to third place in last year's Readers' Choice awards, so this year's win reverses the trend.

The iPAQ runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and uses processors from Intel, Texas Instruments, and SAMSUNG. The hx2700 series uses the Intel PXA270 processor running at 624MHz, the fastest clock speed available for that line of processor. Handheld devices in the series can also accommodate as much as 256MB of memory, with 192MB available to the user.

The iPAQ comes in many different configurations to suit different work styles. All iPAQs include touch screens for use as pen-based devices. The h6300 series includes a removable thumb-sized keyboard, a phone, and an optional camera. For security-conscious customers, the h5500 includes a biometric fingerprint reader. For persistent storage, you can use an iPAQ File Store, nonvolatile flash ROM that won't lose your data if your battery dies.

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