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Laptop/Notebook Computer - 23 Aug 2005

Laptop/Notebook Computer. Dell continues its dominance in the Hardware category with a first-place win for the Latitude D Series notebooks. Readers were vocal about their love for their Latitudes with positive comments about value, performance, battery life, durability, and especially the CompleteCare accidental damage service. One reader said, "No one can top Dell's CompleteCare, which has paid for itself many times over." Another reader especially liked the option to choose various lengths of coverage.

Dell's Latitude D notebooks come with Intel Celeron M or Pentium M processors, up to 15.4" XGA active matrix displays, and as much as 2GB of RAM. The ultraportable Latitude D410 is only 1.25" × 11" × 9.4" and weighs a mere 3.8 pounds.

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