Anything Apple Can Do, Microsoft Can Do Better...

Microsoft, never afraid of entering markets it has no right to be in, has recently announced that it is following Napster and iTunes into the online world of selling music. Online music fans will be rejoicing, Apple and Napster fans will be crying in their milk.

Having watched the online music scene explode with the arrival of MP3s in the late 90's, and with the arrival, departure and revival of Napster, Microsoft can see a nice payday on the horizon.

If the browser wars were anything to go by, we should see some hot action in the pay-to-download music section, and no doubt, music lovers will see prices fall lower. The RIAA will be pleased with this announcement, and with the illegal file trading on eMule and Kazaa falling (due in some part to the arrival of masses of corrupt files), artists like Madonna and Metallica will be living above the poverty line once again.

Good job really, it was getting quite embarrassing, watching Madonna strutting around on stage in torn clothes. Maybe she can buy a new wardrobe.

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