Windows Weekly 332: Glimmering Shimmering

The one where Leo returns after a 3 week vacation

Paul Thurrott

October 16, 2013

I forgot to post this over the weekend, sorry: But in the latest episode of the Windows Weekly, Leo returns after a three-week absence and he, Mary Jo Foley and I discuss a slew of Windows Phone 8.1 rumors, GDR3 rumors, plans to offer HTC and Samsung special deals on Windows Phone licensing, a coming Nokia event with multiple devices, Apple crashes the party, Google's secret plan for Windows 8, and Steve Ballmer appears at Gartner.

Running time: 1:42:03

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Software pick of the week: for Android

Microsoft issues a major update for App for Android - Alias support, server search, theme colors, more! 

Software pick of the week #2: Facebook for Windows Phone 8

A nice update to the Facebook app for Windows Phone removes any remaining Windows Phone-ness in the UI and adds some new features: Photos can be attached to messages, photo saving and sharing, "unfriend" and "unlike" capabilities (Facebook needs a "dislike," too, but whatever), and performance improvements.  Facebook for Windows Phone 8

Software pick of the week #3: Twitter for Windows Phone 8

New Twitter app for Windows Phone 8 adds a new dark theme, follow suggestions, tweet notifications, keyword search pinning, additional language support and a new lock screen experience. Twitter for Windows Phone 8

Software pick of the week #4: Glance Background for Windows Phone 8

An early peek at the next Glance from Nokia - Adds some imagery to the Glance screen. 

Enterprise pick of the week: New hotfix for Windows 7 SP1 saves disk space

Disk clean-up wizard add-on:

Codename pick of the week: Fairfax

Microsoft announces its rumored Azure government cloud is coming soon:

Beer pick of the week: Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin

There are 2 Shipyard pumpkin beers. Make sure you get this one:

Audible pick of the week: The Circle

The Circle by Dave Eggers and narrated by Dion Graham

A new techno-thriller that's getting a lot of attention for its plausible look at the future of Silicon Valley and the dangers of ever-invasive social networking technology. Lots of comparisons to Orwell and "1984."

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