How can I stop Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) from opening documents in the IE window instead of using the document's regular application?

John Savill

July 20, 2005

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A. If you're using IE and follow a link to a Microsoft Word document, for example, IE will open the document within the IE window. If you prefer to start a separate Word instance and load the document in that instance, you need to make an OS-level change. To do so, perform these steps:


  1. Start Windows Explorer (Start, Run, Explorer).

  2. From the Tools menu, select Folder Options.

  3. Select the File Types tab.

  4. Select the file type that you don't want to open in IE and click Advanced.

  5. Clear the "Browse in same window" check box and click OK.

  6. Close the Folder Options dialog box.

That file type will now open within the application instead of IE.

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