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Podcast: Infragistics Talks Best Tips for User Interface Design with Windows 8

Podcast: Infragistics Talks Best Tips for User Interface Design with Windows 8

NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013 Volume 1 also released to ease Windows 8 app development

Infragistics has released a new version of its application development suite NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013 Volume 1, which helps developers create apps easily and cost effectively on different devices. A key focus for this release is the inclusion of several different tools that make designing an effective UX much simpler. Highlights for this release includes:

  • A new toolset for NetAdvantage for Windows UI that includes more than 20 XAML and HTML controls so developers can easily create native Windows 8 apps.
  • A new responsive UI framework for the Ignite UI Grid and Chart toolkit dictates how a control behaves when a screen is resized for different devices.
  • Optimized touch controls across the suite's UI toolsets and Windows touch themes provide a better development experience for users.

In addition, I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Infragistics' Jason Beres, Senior Vice President of Developer Tools and Ambrose Little, Principle Design Technologist about best practices for better user interface (UI) development with Windows 8. In addition to recommending Brent Schooley's Windows 8 development tips that are featured on Infragistics' website, Little urged developers to think in a touch-first mindset when considering UI design. In other words, Little recommended that developers should challenge themselves to think creatively about how they will design LOB apps without relying on a traditional Windows OS design in lieu for a more seamless interface with Windows 8.

To learn more about this Infragistics' latest release and to gain insight behind best practices for Windows 8 app development, then be sure to listen to the full podcast featured at the top of this page. Like what you hear? Send me a tweet at @blair_greenwood or @DevProConnect, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what Dev Pro should cover next!

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