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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Code Version 1.0

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Code Version 1.0

According to Microsoft, what began as an experiment, has turned into a product that is focused on the productivity of developers and provides high quality editing and debugging capabilities.

Although it was built with the focus on web based app development using JavaScript and TypeScript, Visual Studio Code has seen a community of developers grow up around it to put together a marketplace with over 1,000 extensions that expand the original capabilities of the product.

"Getting to "1.0" over the last few months has been about more than features. We have worked with the community to further improve stability, fixing hundreds of bugs. And we’ve pushed hard on getting the best performance we can out of the editing experience."

Visual Studio Code obviously has a great community around it as evidenced above but having a code editor that is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux really expands the access developers on all of those platforms now have access to great editing tools, clear navigation, debugging and built in Git support for their projects.

Visual Studio Code Stats

Visual Studio Code Stats from Microsoft

, the 1.0 release does not mean work stops or that the team rests on the success of VS Code with 2 million downloads and 500K active users.

"Performance, stability, accessibility, and compatibility are of utmost importance to our users, and they are to us as well. We will continue to invest in improving developer productivity, guided by the great user feedback on UserVoice. We will continue to work with partners and the community to expand support for new languages, and platforms, and experiences. And we will continue to work with you, our community, to build a great tool for you, and for every developer."

Read more about the Visual Studio Code 1.0 release and find links to the documentation and download over at the Visual Studio Code web portal.

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