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Microsoft Announces 'Visual Studio 14' Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Announces 'Visual Studio 14'

Early community technology preview is now available

Microsoft announced today that the first community technology preview (CTP) for the next version of Visual Studio is now available. Codenamed 'Visual Studio 14,' Microsoft anticipates that a final version will be available in 2015. The company also noted that a more complete preview release and final naming will be available later this year.

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Microsoft has been busy providing developers with an abundance of new features over the last three months. In addition to several different improvements that span across Visual Studio, this version will include the Roslyn .NET compiler platform, ASP.NET vNext, and increased C++11 and C++14 standards compliance.

If you're ready to start playing with the next version of Visual Studio, then you can download the Visual Studio 14 CTP from Microsoft. Because this is an early build, you'll want to install the CTP in a test environment with no earlier versions of Visual Studio installed, along with referencing Microsoft's official statement of known issues and bugs.

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